Claverack Landing, 1764

 The Brig Desire
Claverack Landing, 1764
Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 inches, 2014
Collection of the Artist

As more immigrants arrived in the growing Dutch colony of New Netherland the constraints of living in Albany made the notion of expansion and exploration more attractive. Farmers looking for fertile land began settling farther and farther afield. The van Heusen family was attracted to flatland thirty miles south of Albany and a few miles inland of the Hudson River. Sometime around 1650, they established the small community of Claverack. To facilitate the transportation of their produce to market, a wagon road was constructed from Claverack to the river. Over the years their small port became known as Claverack Landing. What started as a simple wharf and a few houses  by 1760, included more dock space and several warehouses.



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