Winter in the Valley of the Mohawk

Mohawk hunters return to their longhouses, circa 1625.

Winters in upstate New York can be severe. Deep snow and days on end of sub-zero weather are not at all uncommon. Wind chills of 40 to 50 degrees below zero can cause frostbite within minutes. And yet thousands of resourceful, ingenious people managed to survive with only basic materials and primitive tools. The Mohawks were the easternmost tribe of the Iroquois Nation. This painting depicts one of their communities of about 200 people. It was located on a hilltop near present-day Canajoharie, New York, sometime around 1625. The painting is set at dusk on a cold January afternoon. Two weary hunters on snowshoes return to their longhouse after a successful venture into the icy valley that today bears this famous tribe's name.

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