USS SLATER (new print)

USS SLATER responds to submarine contact while escorting a convoy to England, December 1944


By 1942, trans-Atlantic supplying of goods to war-torn England from the USA had become extremely dangerous. Nazi submarines were inflicting catastrophic damage to allied shipping. Hundreds of war ships would be needed to escort the continuous flow of merchant vessels through deadly sea lanes. American industrial might focused its considerable resources on meeting the challenges of all facets of the expanding war. One outcome was the development of destroyer escort ships. Destroyer escorts where quickly built and in large numbers. By the end of World War II the United States had produced 503 vessels of this type in various configurations to meet the changing defensive roles of an enemy that was falling into defeat.

The destroyer escort USS SLATER DE 766 survived the war and post war years. The ship has been meticulously restored by dedicated volunteers to its 1944 Atlantic convoy configuration. SLATER now serves as a museum ship docked in the Hudson River at Albany, New York.


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