The Dayliner Albany

The great sidewheel steamboat glides down the Hudson, circa 1890

In 1880, the Harlan & Hollingsworth company in Wilmington, Delaware, completed a beautiful iron-hulled, side-wheel steamboat for the Hudson River Day Line. The Albany was described in the Nautical Gazette, at the time of her launching, as “smooth as a kid glove and graceful as a swan.” For over 50 years the Albany plied the Hudson River with regular runs from Albany to New York. Attempts to keep her up-to-date resulted in many alterations eventually destroying the elegant lines of the original steamboat. Tantillo's painting celebrates the Albany in her early years, as an exquisite example of functional sculpture in the “Gilded Age.” She continued in service, renamed Potomac, until 1948. Her hull was converted to a barge and was still in use in 1965.

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