Portrait of America

The painting "Portrait of America" is set in Albany, New York, circa 1868

This painting depicts the towing steamer, America, passing State Street Landing. America was the flagship of Schuyler’s Tow Boat Line. This glorious side-wheel steamship was capable of towing seventy, fully-loaded barges at once. The Schuyler Company was founded in the 1820's by Captain Samuel Schuyler a "free man of color," who was possibly born a slave in Albany. Under his direction, and later that of his sons, Samuel Jr. and Thomas, Schuyler’s Tow Boat Line became one of the largest businesses of its type on the Hudson River. Samuel Sr. died in the 1840's and his two sons continued his success. By the end of the 19th century stock shares in the Schuyler Line were providing investors with substantial profits. "Portrait of America" represents the fulfillment of the American dream by a remarkable family that succeeded despite the extreme racial prejudice of their times.

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